PGCR: Episode 100

The moment you have all been waiting for, the big 100th episode of your favorite halo podcast. We cover some halo new but mostly a bunch of [drunken] random talk about nothing in particular.
WARNING: There may or may not have been a lot of drinking partaking in this episode. Because of this, you can not fathom what was discussed. Regardless you have to listen to this episode or you won’t be cool anymore. Plus we have the return of one of the hardest sound quizzes of all time – or was it hard because we were all too drunk to think? Tune in to find out!!
Main topics we covered this week:
Halo News:
Happy Birthday!
Halo: Primordium.
Reach Figures.
Big Topic: COD vs BF3 (failed) argument.
All this and so much more on Episode 100 of Postgame Carnage Report!
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