The History of PGCR: The Halo Gamers Podcast

The History of PGCR: The Halo Gamers Podcast

PGCR has been around since 2008 and I wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves to you. Our main focus is to provide entertainment to other gamers who like listening to podcasts. I have been listening to podcasts since 2006 and I know how important they are. I have always enjoyed my job but it’s nice to escape from monotonous jobs, chores around the house and your long drives to and from work.

I would go home and load up iTunes and wait to see which one of my favorite shows released a new episode and I couldn’t wait to upload it onto my iPod. I would look forward to doing some yard work and I’m sure I sent off some weird vibes to the people driving by as they see a red headed young man laughing out loud while grinning ear to ear.

One of the first shows I ever listened to was all game interactive. They had a huge community, live shows, 24-7 chat rooms and community game nights. I’ll never forget the first show. They were having a heated debate about Superman. I was clearing up some weeds in the garden and they were going at it. Calling each other out, countering each others opinions but you could tell they were good friends. I felt as if I was part of their lives and I couldn’t wait to hear what they were going to talk about next.

While working and listening to agi I made the decision that I would start my own podcast. So I called some of my good XBL friends ( Big Heeb, Skills, Gem and BCK) and asked them if they were interested and all of them were in. We all got together and came up with the concept of “a halo gamers podcast, what halo gamers talk about” and ” where our opinion are better then yours”. Gem and Heeb went to work on the technical side. Skills and BCK worked on ideas, concepts and the name of the show while I worked on a layout formula for each and every show.

Because of our maturity and our work ethics we were able to start off strong rather then learning as we went. Over time we were able to fine tune certain aspects to create a fine tuned show that started to get a big following. We have had or fair share of opposing ideas and conflicts of interest. Skills wanted to focus on his writing before the show even began so Gem filled his spot. Gem did a wonderful job as our news anchor until school became overbearing. BCK was about to become a father so he needed more free time so he had to step down. That is around the time where frequent guest caller Skills and Evander joined forces with us to become the show you have come to know and love.

At this moment in time I think we have a beautiful collage of personalities. Evander is the purest gamer, Skills has a nearly perfect SAT score when it comes to the story, Heeb is your well rounded halo guy(quite frankly the reason why our show has a Mature Rating) and I am the passionate halo fanboy that takes a beating each and every show. We were friends before PGCR started and I think it shows when you listen to a episode.

We have labeled ourselves ” the bastard podcast” while some of our listeners have come up with some other phrases. Long time listener O vs O said the quote on our show “PGCR grows on you”. A recent comment was made by xxxEAGLEMANxxx “Listening to PGCR makes me feel as though I’m hanging with old buds playing Halo and laughing abooot nonsense.”

There are two reasons we do the show. We do it for ourselves and we enjoy it and we do it for you guys. PGCR is not around to make money or to become famous. We are a bunch of good ole boys who enjoy Halo that are making new friends as time goes by. You guys have been awesome and I am glad to have had the honor to meet such nice people. Thank you for reading my rant. I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite itunes review by JIG.

This is Robowski and I’m out!

I’ll sum this story up with a itunes review

by JIG

This is a great pod cast for all things Halo. They Talk about relevant and interesting matters in this massive franchise. I felt so compelled by my admiration for this pod cast, I wrote a poem for this review

Evander, Big Heeb, Bk, Rob, Skill4x3d
These five bring a show that just never lacks
Each week these five hosts mic up brave and tall
When it comes to Halo news they answer the call

Their insight is great
They reach new great heights
When they get in their scuffles
Which they like to call Catfights

These hosts are great friends
You’ll love what each bring
It’s Wicked it’s Wild
And Wonderfully Engaging

They’ve fans around the world
Their status is Mythic
From Wahoo, Nebraska
To North end Pacific

If you don’t like this Podcast
You’re simply stuck up
You’re garbage your stupid
So shut the f@$k up

Sit back and light a fire
They will cause you a stir
You may soon quite like them
I know I do “Her Her”

So make sure you subscribe
And give your support
You’ll not soon regret
The Postgame Carnage Report