Toymation Mega Bloks Contest

Halo Mega Bloks is something we have been introduce to by one of our fellow listeners Gagnon 30. He has been a huge part of PGCR by calling into the show, being a strong contributor on our facebook page, and asking the hosts of PGCR to be in his newest movie A Fridge 2 Far 2. I am asking you guys to take the time and support your community and vote for these two well made films. Gagnon mad a short film called Buy War Bonds in the Classic section that has a original feel to it and it was voted one of the top 3 by BS Angel herself. She even posted it on Waypoint. The second film he made was a drama called Levamentum staring yours truly Evander 1. This short film is a tear jerker and has a lot of heart to it. Major Nelson ranked this in his top 3 in the Toymation contest. So what are you waiting for? Go vote!