Halo 4 Multiplayer, The sweet and the sour

Halo 4 Multiplayer, The sweet and the sour

The first thing I want to convey to the Halo community is that Halo 4 multiplayer is freaking amazing! I haven’t played a insane amount of games but I have the experience to back my opinion and for anyone who has listened to our show knows our motto. “Where our opinion matters and yours don’t”.

Halo 4 gametypes

I have disclosed a copy/paste picture from my profile to prove the point that I have tried out many different gametypes and that I have spent a decent amount of time playing the game. First thing I have to say is the weapons are amazing. I haven’t felt this alive while playing Halo since Halo 2 and I can’t wait to see where this game goes. The DMR, BR, Light Rifle, and the Carbine are amazing weapons and they back themselves up. They all have their benefits and I have to give 343 props for creating a perfect mix of balanced weapons. One might say the DMR is a God weapon but they all have their differences. The DMR/Light Rifle are tremendous long range weapons where the BR/Carbine are great mid range to short range weapons. 343 did a great job of allowing “we” the Halo fan boys to play with our weapons of choice depending on our play style and the map that was voted for. i will have to admit that the DMR is the favorite weapon because 343 chose to make larger maps.

my games played

I will even go as far as saying the Armor abilities are well done considering they serve different play styles. You could choose the Jet pack to make difficult jumps, move up a level and eliminate the factor of enemies hiding behind random objects. The Thruster Pack allows you to get out of a sticky situation. Prevent a sword lunge or a rocket by producing a Light Shield or stop the enemy from knocking out your shields. Cowards can grab the sniper and activate their invisibility and get a couple of easy kills by camping on their side of the map while hiding behind a giant boulder. All the Armor abilities have their pro’s and con’s and we can pick the one that best suits our playing style depending on the map were playing on.

I will even go as far as saying things like using “explosive”, “dexterity”, “fire power” and many other attributes allow us to be a completely unique player in a popular shooter. Getting owned by another player on the other team? Change it up and choose a new loadout and catch them off guard. I’ll be the first to admit that it works and it’s the most unique Halo multiplayer I’ve ever played. It’s a fast paced, testosterone enhanced, balls to the wall experience that I would have never thought would work.

That being said, here is the negative aspect of Halo 4. 343 is so set on creating a unique Halo that they forgot to include the meat and potatoes that made the game great. Small maps, simple game types, smaller teams and owning the the original team you were matched up with. Don’t send me to a game that is halfway played. I don’t want to play 4v4 on a big team battle map. What ever happened to Team Snipers, Assault, MLG, King of the Hill, Double Team, One flag, Rumble Pit, Grifball, or even querky playlists like Team Action Sack.

current game played

I have disclosed a current picture of the most popular game types all the way down to the least favorite playlist’s and it’s not surprising to see that the typical playlists are towards the top but yet they still continue to keep a odd choice of gametypes to choose from. Halo 4 has all the right tools to be a huge success but 343 continues to ignore the past by keeping their unique idea of what they want us to play. Halo 4 feels stagnant to me because of all the amazing gametypes that made Halo what it is today. 10 players is not the right combination for CTF, instant respawn rewards a player for dying and it messes up the flow of the game.

I will conclude by saying Halo 4 has the potential to be the greatest of all the Halo multiplayers. I am not retiring my DMR, just voicing my opinion and hoping 343 realizes they forgot what makes Halo the amazing game I’ve fallen in love with. There is plenty of time to turn things around and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they remember what made Halo the game that it is today.