Soapbox Rant: "It Is not Traditional Halo!"

Soapbox Rant: “It Is not Traditional Halo!”


Where do I begin without rambling on like some nutjobs manifesto? I mean I want to leave material for OTHER blogs! Lol!

Gathering my thoughts, my feelings on Halo and the community around it and its evolution is like a flow chart or family tree. New versions of the game spawn different offshoots which run parallel with the game, sometimes remaining, sometimes offshooting even further, and yes, sometimes stopping altogether (Armor lock anyone?)  However the bottom line is the chart gets bigger, it gets built on, and each new reiteration is made not to be the same as any previous build, it is made to be stand alone.

This primary fact, that each new game is not any version before it, is a basic step some people just don’t get. “Yes” one can give an opinion if H4 > H2, or Reach <H3, as far as what they prefer, but you cant say that a game “Isnt Halo” or “sucks”. When Bungie or 343 releases a title under the Halo banner,  like it or not, IT IS HALO, at least a new entitiy in it. Yes, Ensemble Studios, ill note Halo Wars IS a Halo game. The universe has gotten bigger with each new game, that’s a fact. Halo 2 will always be Halo 2.. but to say flatly “Halo 4 is not Halo” is a comment which alone is ignorant and from some people I respect who have said it, it rather disappointing.

The most common thing some people say that gets my goat (Which is funny expression, I hate goats.. they scare me really..)  is that “It is not traditional Halo”, which in my Halo lifespan (how long I have been playing) heard with releases of Halo ODST, Reach and H4. None of those games claimed to be traditional Halo, in fact “Traditional Halo isn’t a defined thing, its an opinion. Sure, one can say “Its not like Halo CE”. But then the grammatical correct statement should be “Its not ORIGINAL Halo” which in an aforementioned flow chart drops down to “No new version of Halo ever claimed to be the same as a previous version.”  Okay CEA is different in not following that rule, but it was a rerelease with perks, and marketed properly as such, like the 25th Anniversary version of the Grease DVD, after all, Summer Lovin, had me a blast.

On the flipside some people say openly what they want added or taken away from a version of Halo. WAIT I AM GONNA SIDETRACK: To note, sometimes the same people complain  that a game is not “Traditional” yet bitch about changes they want  that aren’t like their “Traditional” versions(which makes them a little thing called a “Hippocrite”)

Yeah, that’s right, we have all heard some people complain a game isn’t “Traditional Halo” then ask for something different to be added which technically makes them HIPPOCRITES, because they dont want change, yet they want it. No matter what points you bring up, those two points being viewed by the same person.. just DOESN’T make sence.

Of course everyone has a right to an opinion, and more importantly one can give specific opinions on the fact they wanted/expected something different from say Halo 4 than it was. I am good with that.. for I myself have the same list of things Halo 4 (as an example) did what I wanted, did what I didn’t want, and fell short on. But like a hot chick your dating who puts out but has got the personality of pocket lint, there is always a drawback, in the end it’s a question you ask yourself “What do I personally get from the experience in the end?”

So it a nutshell, my 2 personal opinions on this type thing where peole bitch with no valid reasoning is simple:

  • 1: As I mentioned before, no new Halo games claim to be a previous version, THAT’S WHY IT’S A NEW RELEASE. (With the exception of CEA, which was a rerelease, period)
  • 2: If you prefer an older version of Halo, then play it.

So I beg of you all, even though it wont happen with everyone, STOP the whole “It isn’t traditional Halo” and “Its not Halo” lines.. its plain old insulting to your and our intelligence collectively.

You can hate all you want on Halo 4, but have a valid opinion that is specific. Look at Big Heeb, the often quiet but well spoken when he does talk co-host of Postgame Carnage Report. He says flatly that the Boltshot really ticks him off, ruins the experience for him. It may seem petty to some, but hey, a guy in matchmaking starts with it and starts racking up kills is cheap in his opinion. He states this and that’s cool, this bothers him, its clearly a real and valid point.

I cant stress, you can have an opinion on Halo 4 or any other version of Halo, and you can tear it apart. But you must give an opinion, respect others for that matter, and not have the insulting to intelligence remarks of “Its not traditional Halo” or “Its not Halo

Oh.. and the punch line.. Maybe the individual themselves like the game has evolved? Maybe in fact, the game itself isn’t for them? I gave up playing a lot of games I was at one point  head over heels in love with.