Cheating By AGL Co-Founder is Huge Black Eye to Community

Cheating By AGL Co-Founder is Huge Black Eye to Community


DISCLAIMER: Robowski and the boys at PGCR have been kind enough to give me carte blanche with blogs. I feel for this one I owe a disclaimer out of respect to them that I mention my opinions expressed in ALL of my blogs are ONLY my opinions. They do not reflect and policy or universal feeling by PGCR as a single entity or the individuals within PCGR. In PGCR language, I speak for myself, whatever BS I spew does not mean Skills, Robowski, Evander, Gem or that other guy who hosts agree. (In fact Ill guarantee you they all do not agree!)


The confession of a cheater. The same guy who runs tournaments with AGL. We call this a 'Hippocrite" boys & girls

The confession of a cheater. The same guy who runs tournaments with AGL. We call this a ‘Hippocrite” boys & girls. Not only did Connor White use sign out glitch, he had multiple accounts… nice eh?

So, I already made MY views on competitive Halo in blog from back when I posted this:

I also have had the pleasure of being on PGCR a few times and at least on one occasion mentioned, and I believe it was politely, that I wasn’t a fan of the competitive Halo/Pro player scene.

So one could then imagine that when I read one of the two behind AGL, Connor White, had admitted cheating in the Halo 4 Global Championship, well I got a sick sort of satisfaction hearing this, but at the same time felt bad at the black eye the entire Halo community gets with such an underhanded thing happening.

Now, I’ll be fair, I’d imagine others cheated, because if one found a way, so others no doubt did as well and still maybe doing it for this contest.

However, I won’t go as far as giving Connor White ANY credit for admitting he cheated, he likely would have been found out or already had. I feel this is damage control move, not any semblance of honor.

So here we have a guy who pushes Competitive Halo, and from an interview on another Halo podcast (Where he was being interviewed about AGL) he seemed to imply he was doing it for non monetary reasons, for the good of the community because there was a void. So breaking rules in a contest boasting a huge dollar payout, shows contrary and is just inexcusable.

As someone who has organized sporting tournaments over the years I know it takes a lot of work to organize these tournaments AGL puts on, if there is money that compensates their time from entrance fees ect, I don’t have issue with honestly (Even though in the probably close to 2 dozen sporting events I didn’t make a penny personally) But to CHEAT with MONEY on the line… I mean this is abuse of power.

And of course let us look at collateral damage, his partner art AGL might not be under suspicion of cheating by myself, but if anyone else considering him “Guilty by association” well I can understand. I honestly feel so bad for the other founder of AGL, I do not want to put his name here and distance him a bit giving him personally the benefit of the doubt. However I hope he does what is right for AGL and have Connor White disassociated from AGL in any way shape or form.

In fact supporting the AGL with an exposed cheater, in my opinion, is supporting cheating.

How could Connor White go to one of his events and face a cheater there, what credibility does he have? In my opinion what credibility does the AGL have with Connor White involved.

Yes, I don’t like a lot about the Competitive Halo scene to start with, but it is NOT an axe to grind. It’s the poor attitude of some, and the “Holier than thou” some of the pros have, pros and cheaters like Connor White. He clearly doesn’t respect the game, community or his clients that pay to participate in his tournaments that generate him income. He doesn’t respect the perks he has with 343 and other community leaders grant him/expose him to that many of us would kill for. He doesn’t deserve the good things he gets, he doesn’t deserve to be associated with the honest and ethical Halo community members pros and average Joes alike.

Hey Connor White, do us all a favor and don’t let the door hit you in the ass to hard on your way out of the community.

NOTE: Added August 20: ALOT has happened concerning this since I first posted it. In fact, its gotten worse. Episode 175 of PGCR will deal with these new developments and you will hear other peoples opinions on it as well. In the end, will whats best for the Halo community as a whole be on top? I dont know… but if you comment or listen, maybe you can weigh in and help the outcome!