PGCR : Episode 180

PGCR : Episode 180

We are joined by the ever so hot Th3 Rogue. Robowski couldn’t be any more creepy. Rogue took over the responsiblity of handling our call to GameStop.

2nd week of MANuMOUNTAL Tournament is live

Half Life 3 Confirmed?

Halo Bulletin-Team snipers has 3 new gametypes and maps added to the playlist.

Team Throwdown v5 is being worked on and Ricochet is going to be added

HOT NEW GAMETYPE-CONVERSION-Has anyone heard of Invasion???

Bungie lost one of their best people. 15 years with the company and now he’s gone

Robowski makes a fool of himself announcing a soon to be Halo 3 community playdate

Halo 3 for FREE

gaming news-

GTA Mythbusters are back at it with a second video

Gamestop wants YOU

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for the Tablet??? Yes Please

lots of fun at the end of the show!